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Designed by British mountaineers based upon considerable climbing experience, these dramatic Rockscapes are created on site, saving huge transport costs and logistical issues regarding siting. Initially sculpted into their base shape - carefully transcribed from a scale model - the form is then reinforced with a steel mesh before being sprayed on site with colour-impregnated concrete to a depth of 150mm. Each climbing face caters for differing abilities. Most of our rockscapes look like natural rock, but we also offer a choice of concepts such as sharks, rocket ships and dragons - we can create completely bespoke designs for you, complete with additional play features like nets, rope bridges and slides. . Children’s safety is Wicksteed’s first priority and as leading climbing wall manufacturers our playground equipment is tested to the appropriate British and European Safety Standards. We also provide a nationwide installation service using experienced personnel trained in the appropriate British and European safety standards. Read More

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