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Playground Furniture & Fencing

Wicksteed's outdoor playground furniture and fencing is ideal for play areas, parks, and other community and leisure areas. Create social zones with our wide range of picnic tables, seats and benches - we even have a collection of play tables for little ones, as well as teenage villages and youth centres to give young adults somewhere to hang out together. Safeguard children and create different play area zones with our fencing and gates - we've also got a cycle security lockup to keep kids' bikes safe, and shade sails to protect young people from the harsh midday sun. Keep your outdoor area tidy with our little bins, and make sure everyone knows the rules with our playground signage. Providing enough playground fencing is essential for your outdoor play area, providing children play with a safe play environment where they can be themselves within eyesight of adults while reducing the risk of hazards entering the area. Children’s safety is Wicksteed’s first priority and our outdoor playground equipment is tested to the appropriate British and European Safety Standards. We also provide a nationwide installation service using experienced personnel trained in the appropriate British and European safety standards. Read More

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