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Playground Swings

Welcome to our collection of playground swings - we’re a proud swing supplier to playgrounds, parks, schools and other outdoor areas. Traditional swings are as popular now as they ever have been, and our contemporary swing designs bring the swinging sensation children love into today's playgrounds. Our timber frames look beautiful among green parks, while our blue and green steel frames add a splash of fun colour to the landscape. We offer a wide choice of children’s swings to suit all ages and abilities. We offer swings with traditional cradle seats, so parents and caregivers can push toddlers and young children knowing they are housed safely in the swing. We have classic flat seats for older, more independent children; we also offer basket seat swings for an interesting new twist on the standard flat swing seat. We are also able to offer a combination of flat and cradle seats which are set in a bar so that children can face each other as they swing together. For really adventurous children, we even offer hurricane swings which turn in a 360-degree circle, with either button seats on the end for children to perch on, or trapeze swings which children can hold onto as the swing flings them around. Finally, as children’s swing manufacturers we offer a range of children’s swing accessories, including a safety barrier, anti-vandal components and other safety features. Looking for something else? Why not browse our wider range of classic playground equipment.

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