Wicksteed enters the edgy and exciting world of Parkour,

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With schemes designed by the world's leading professionals - Parkour Generations - Wicksteed's parkour zones are set to draw in practitioners from far and wide!

Also known as freerunning, this exhilarating sport is beginning to take off in the UK in a big way, both in schools and community areas. 

Parkour engages, inspires and motivates young people for whom more traditional sports and physical education has less appeal.

Practitioners of the sport find that it helps to focus on developing the fundamental attributes required for balance, strength, endurance, precision and spatial awareness.  A discipline of self-improvement, it also encourages participants to see themselves and their place within their surroundings in a totally new and liberating way.

Wicksteed has an exclusive commercial arrangement with Parkour Generations who also collaborated on the designs of the parkour training facilities offered by the leading play and sports manufacturer.

For more info request a copy of the new Parkour brochure by contacting or call 01536 517028

Practitioners of parkour enjoy the edginess of the sport
Practitioners of parkour enjoy the edginess of the sport

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