Musical Instruments Outdoor Musical Instruments .... beautiful music made simple

Age Range 7 to Adult

The 'can do' experience of our outdoor musical instruments can make a substantial contribution towards learning, self-esteem, socialisation and overall wellbeing. They aspire to enrich learning and enjoyment of the curriculum. When children play an instrument, or learn a new dance move, they experience a unique integration of body and mind. This sensory integration is crucial to a child's readiness for subjects such as reading, writing and maths. The best way to enhance a child's learning through music is to encourage listening, learning and participation during their developmental years in ways that are enjoyable and fun. The instruments are suited for both free-play and directed use and help children with specific needs such as ADD or ADHD. Music enables children to discover a self-expression that is accessible and enriching. With such tools in the playground, teachers are able to draw out any hidden talents that can be explored through melody or rhythm that might otherwise have been missed.


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