Local Authorities

Wicksteed are experts when it comes to fun and inspiring playground equipment for children. We are able to design and supply custom built playgrounds for a variety of public spaces in partnership with Local Authorities. So if you want to enhance a public outdoor space for children; look no further than Wicksteed.

Wicksteed has been working alongside local authorities throughout the UK for over 90 years to supply playground and sports equipment for community playgrounds.

Our services include:


Our in-house design facility is the most advanced in the industry and we are able to provide virtual reality-style design presentations for local authority projects, together with animated presentations for certain projects. Click here for design services.


Playground landscaping and the incorporation of natural features and planting is an important part of Wicksteed’s playground designs. Wicksteed’s own landscape designers – part of the 7-strong design team - will ensure that natural forms are incorporated into the play area design and existing ones are enhanced. Click here for Natural Play.

Public consultation 

Wicksteed is keenly aware of the vital role public consultation plays when considering the design, landscaping and installation of a new play area.  Finding out exactly what the local community wants and expects from play provision is fundamental to creating the ideal playground.  If the people for whom it is being provided are happy, the play area will be well used and appreciated.  Therefore, engaging with the locals and encouraging direct involvement in the early stages of the project is of huge value.

To help customers with this all-important task, Wicksteed has a dedicated public consultation section on this website.  This micro site can also be linked to customers' own websites for joint participation.  Each public consultation exercise and questionnaire can be individually drafted, making it completely unique to the individual project.  The information can be collated and results accessed by participants and voting is possible online.  Click here to view current Public Consultations.  

Quality of manufacture & guarantees

As Wicksteed manufactures its own equipment under its BS EN ISO 9001:2000 quality registration, the company is able to strictly monitor and control quality and costs, as well as giving our customers the ability to choose their own colour schemes and request adjustments to standard designs. Click here for Manufacture and Guarantees

Project management

Wicksteed has 5 Contract Managers, headed by an Installation Manager. These personnel have all been fully trained in Health and Safety, CDM Regulations, etc. and will project manage all installations to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Click here for Playscape Installation.

Extensive after sales service 

Wicksteed provides an extensive after sales customer care programme including inspection, maintenance and long-term technical support and advice. Click here for our services.

We also endeavour to supply spares for equipment which is at least 20 years old. Click here for spares.

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Wicksteed offer a wide range of services to meet your needs. With advanced in house design facility; complete installation services; fully trained inspection engineers; bespoke product design and more.