Wildcats Ballcourts 

Age Range 8 to Adult

For versatility, durability and visual appeal to teenagers and young adults alike, Wildcats Ballcourts are the ultimate modular multi-sport systems for any location - equally excellent for basketball, football, hockey, cricket, tennis and netball.
Their complete flexibility also makes the systems suitable for smaller installations for goal practice in schools and public areas.

The perimeter fencing of our Wildcats Ballcourts are available in two alternative materials:

-Wildcats Premier Ballcourts are the ultimate multi-use games areas for strength and durability. Using our 'premier' grid system they are ideal for urban locations, as well as areas that are heavily used or may be vulnerable to vandalism.

- Wicksteed Championship Ballcourts have a mesh fencing material which, whilst still strong and durable, is a more cost effective design for ballcourts.

- Wicksteed Play Offs are a combination of both 'Premier' Goal Areas and 'Championship' perimeter fencing.

Brochure: Wildcats Multi-Use Games Areas & Goals

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