Architect / Designer

From planning to installation; Wicksteed will work with Landscape Architects and Designers to build great play equipment as well as sports and fitness equipment. We can cater to different needs; we can work with you to create effective and attractive play equipment.

Award-winning solutions

With unsurpassed knowledge and understanding of all that play encompasses and over 90 years' of experience in play design to draw on, Wicksteed has the solution for every element of play provision with our award-winning designs, customer service and environmental policy.  We can work with Architects and Designers in order to incorporate their specific ideas for playground and product designs and can incorporate original landscaping to provide the complete package. 

Ultimate play provision

Wicksteed provides everything required for the ultimate play facilities.  From the planning process right through to designing and constructing bespoke products and unique play spaces, Wicksteed delivers.  Read about our bespoke design service:-

We have a clear understanding of play types to accommodate children's social, physical, intellectual, creative and educational needs and ensure these are incorporated into our play area designs.

Inclusion by design

Wicksteed prides inself on its sensitive and insightful apprach to playground designs in order to encourage able and less able children alike to play together and stretch their abilities.

Creative teamwork

Wicksteed's team of experienced landscape, graphic and product designers ensures inspirational playground designs are delivered, together with exciting and challenging products.  Whether sustainable wood or tough steel is used in the design and manufacturing process, Wicksteed's creative team has a wealth of innovative products and ideas to share.

Stretching imaginations

Children use their imaginations to create new adventures when they play and they can naturally turn what may appear to be simple mounds, rocks or trees into dens or exciting adventure areas.  The addition of structured play components creates a heightened stimulus for them.         

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What We Do

Wicksteed offer a wide range of services to meet your needs. With advanced in house design facility; complete installation services; fully trained inspection engineers; bespoke product design and more.